Thursday, 27 September 2012

On Our Way

Well, here we are, up to our ears in advertising proposals and design sketches and program notes and Heaven knows what else. Excited as all get-out and too busy to be terrified!

BUT, as with all unsubsidised theatre, there is a huge financial risk, which the producer of The Madness of King Lear (or TMOKL as we like to call it) and I have jointly undertaken. This is making us a bit conservative on the spending which could mean a less exciting set, too few ads, not enough flyers in not enough places, actors in their undies, Sydney-based cast and director having to swim to London etc etc.

Which is why we've launched a funding appeal (click on the picture of Shakespeare's Queen to learn all about it). If you know anyone with even a very few dollars/pounds/euros/rupees or roubles to spare, please send them our way. AUS$5 earns our undying gratitude but for AUS$20+ sponsors get to be part of West End History with their name printed in our show program and a copy to keep, autographed by the whole cast and as many of the rest of the team who can be persuaded it is part of their job description.

(As of today AUS20 = US $20.74, GBP 12.83, Euros 16.12, Rupees 1,110.18 (Wow!), Roubles 649.84)

Do join us and help make this fabulous opportunity a dream come true. Not only for everyone involved in the show but for our audiences, who deserve the best!!!

See you at Leicester Square.

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