Monday, 12 November 2012

Watch This Space

Well, amazingly, our West End run is over and we are back in relaxed mode until our next adventure. We aren't quite sure, yet, what it will be but will post as soon as we know - so 'watch this space'!

Also thanks to Leof Kingsford-Smith for bringing us into the Arts Theatre with him and his show 'The Madness of King Lear', for negotiating the deal with the theatre and for his support throughout. It was a pleasure to work with him and with his fellow actor in 'Lear', Lucas R Tsolakian. It isn't widely known but Leof and Lucas flew our scenery in and out every performance of the show, and we flew theirs. It is very exciting to watch a show from the fly gallery, metres above the stage, and to work the big ropes and pulleys that make scenery appear and disappear on cue.

Finally, my personal thanks go to the wonderful Shakespeare's Queens team that came together for the show and worked so hard to make it a success: my fellow actors Rachel Ferris and Patrick Trumper; our director Roz Riley and her assistant Dimity Raftos; stage manager Andrew Kingsford-Smith; designers Stephen Dean, George Cartledge, Sarah Cogan, Kasper Hansen and Cheryl Ward; assistant producer Hester Perry; publicist Sheridan Humphries and photographer/cameraman Thomas Kearns-Phillips.

Thank you, too, for your interest in us. I am sure we'll have some more exciting news before too long.


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