Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Best Blogs

We are getting some great reviews from Opening Night audience members writing in their blogs. Here's some

 Elizabeth Norton - Tudor Historian and writer of fabulous books about England's Queens
18 October 2012 - I was invited to attend the West End premier of Double Bill at the Arts Theatre. The show (as the name suggests!) is made up of two separate plays which are both inspired by Shakespeare's works. The first, Shakespeare's Queens: She-wolves and Serpents, was amusing and great entertainment, while the second, The Madness of King Lear, provided a very interesting journey into the mind of King Lear himself. I would highly recommend them both.

Tom Norman for Bargain Theatreland
Kath Perry, playing Elizabeth and many others, is the type of performer you could watch every day. The smallest look or movement, intonation of the voice or flick of the wrist tells a myriad of stories. She switches from character to character seamlessly.... Wholly believable in every role, even as the stoic yet witheringly witty Tudor Queen, she is a captivating presence. Rachel Ferris is faultless when it comes to portraying Shakespeare’s female monarchs, and a wonderfully grotesque Puck...Patrick Trumper admirably plays all the men involved. 

Tessa Ditner for Kulture Kiddos 
Kath Perry and Rachel Ferris dive into the challenge of becoming all of Shakespeare’s queens with Patrick Trumper playing both Shakespeare and every male role. The three-person cast seems to relish the fast pace and obviously enjoy the switching of roles which they appear to manage with ease. This play humanises Shakespeare’s queens, showing them to be ordinary women in extreme situations. They are helped by the brilliant work of costume designer Sarah Cogan, who effectively changes the cast’s appearance with a simple head-dress or a wrap.  Set designer Kasper Hansen has done a beautiful job using the simple use of suspended dresses which gives the stage a doll-house feel. 

See you at the Arts Theatre.


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