Sunday, 28 October 2012

More Good Vibes

Here's some more really lovely feedback on the show:

Urvashi Vashist, writing rather more eruditely than many critics do, on Plays to See says:

'The twenty-odd characters (that's just the Queens - there's 43 altogether - K) are portrayed with razor-sharp singleness of purpose - lightning variation and brilliant intensity every time - by Kath Perry and Rachel Ferris.'


'But the confluence of authoritative, sumptuous certainty and the familiar, ubiquitous ambiguity inherent a dramatic or literary work that derives from - interprets and re-imagines - popular, notorious or otherwise, well-known foundational texts is made double delicious in Shakespeare's Queens...'

While Steve Barfield, blogging on The Lady magazine site wrote:

'It is an interesting historical frame as well as an entertaining one... If you don't know Shakespeare's entire work, then you may well be surprised how many strong parts for queens he wrote into his plays... Kath Perry's Elizabeth I is suitably imperious, mischievous and determined while Rachel Ferris's Mary Queen of Scots is much more girly and vulnerable, bu capable of holding her own against the cousin (Elizabeth I) who had her executed. '


'I was impressed by the range of performances... and the banter between Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots... There is considerable comedy and some moments of genuine pathos in the production...'

Our thanks to these two reviewers for coming in to see the show and for writing such kind things.

While we're talking of reviewers, the Aussies were in last week -  from expat newspaper the Australian Times and from Australian Stage website. I hope they liked us, too!  I'll keep an eye on their websites and let you know!

Meanwhile, this is our last week at the Arts - so, if you haven't been in to see us yet I hope we'll see you soon!



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